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Body By Vi Compensation / Commission

Make Money From Home with Body By Vi!

Body By Vi Commission / Compensation:

The compensation example above shows how much money you could make from home if you personally sponsor 3 new Active Associates who each earn 3 customers on a Balance Kit (only $49/month), then duplicate that effort through 8 levels of referrals. The $72,324 per month would JUST  be from your Team Commissions. Even if you failed this example by 95%, you could still be earning $3,616 per month from your Body By Vi home business .

With the experienced team of Lana’s Body By Vi, the excellent tasting weight loss and fitness shakes from Body By Vi, and your personal drive to make money from home and change peoples lives…what are you waiting for? Join our Body By Vi team today and start your journey to becoming financially free.

Make Money from Home!

What About Selling Body By Vi Kits to Customers?

Personal Customer Body By Vi Income

Even if you just want to change peoples lives and help them start living a healthir life by selling Body By Vi Kits, there is still plenty of money to earn from home. In the example above, you can make $1,156 per month from personals customers that you sell Body By Vi products. If you are extremely motivated, we recommend building both your personal customers AND your Body By Vi Team.

To see a full Body By Vi Compensation summary, please view the PDF below:

PDF – Body By Vi Compensation / Commission


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